It’s officially Black Friday, which means CHRISTMAS IS HERE! My one and only well-liked holiday of the entire year has arrived. I will confess: I began my Home Alone and Home Alone 2 watching last week…and will be watching them repeatedly throughout the next month. Best.Christmas movies (or just movies in general??).Ever.

I got a Christmas tree (one of those fake little 3 1/2 feet ones from Wal-Mart for like 18 bucks) and garland and a pretty star on top, and I put it in my window on top of my little table in my room. It’s so cute!

Black Friday at Wal-Mart was surprisingly not-so-bad. Of course, I came in yesterday (after a lovely dinner with the family in Vinton) for a couple hours and did some prep…thought I’d share a random moment with you from the two hours I was there:
Scene: Me, in the back room, slicing tomatoes…the only lights on are in the back room. The radio is on Rock 108, and I’m rockin’ out to some of Three Days Grace’s “World is so Cold.”
All of a sudden, one of the Wal-Mart employees WALKS INTO THE BACK ROOM. Scares the ever-livin’ out of me, but I try to play it off like I didn’t squeeze the tomato, preparing to throw it at the intruder’s face. Of course, this employee is one of the noticed creepers of Wal-Mart; the one who comes in when there are only girls working just to talk to them like we’re all gonna be BFFF, and the one who tries to flirt but can’t really flirt so I just laugh…because that’s what I do when I feel awkward.
Employee: “Are you guys open?”
Me: “…What?”
Employee: “What are you doing here?”
Me: “What are YOU doing here?”
NOTE: I’m not always such a raging b****, but this boy has also been known to speak of how he comes in when we aren’t open, TURNS THE TOASTER ON just to toast his food, TURNS IT OFF, then eats in the empty and dark dining area. This is AFTER I have repeatedly spoken to the Wal-Mart manager, because I would come in to open and there would be soup in our microwave, and the tables would be littered with trash. How rude.
Employee: “Why are you doing that?”
Me: “I’M WORKING.” And I walk away to put some food in the cooler, praying that he will just disappear. Thankfully, he wanders out a few seconds later, FINALLY getting the hint. I mean REALLY, dude. Get away.
Yet again, when I think I can’t possibly be surprised by anything in Wal-Mart anymore…this happens.

Well, happy holiday season! In the meantime, I leave you with one of my favorite movie lines of both Home Alone movies:

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