It’s almost AUGUST already??? …I feel so old.

I’m gonna start this post out with a huge congrats to my brother and the ADM baseball team for making it to State this year–first time since 1983! We lost in the first round, but it was a great season and I’m so glad I got to see some of it. Good work, Grant. Stay golden.

THREE DAYS until Shark Week begins, PEOPLE!!! And if you don’t like Shark Week, you can just remove yourself from my life. PLUS Andy Samberg is the Chief Shark Officer (what do I have to do to get THAT job???), and he’s pretty much fantastic. So get excited. I’m just glad I’m not on vacation in Florida, like last year. Didn’t even pretend to enter the water when we went to the beach–so paranoid.

Today at work a man told me that I “need lessons in customer service.” Now, putting aside the fact that I probably DO (and in no way care about it), what would possess someone to say something like that to a complete stranger? I mean, you have no idea how insane I could possibly be…I could whip out a gun and shoot you right in the suck hole. Sorry I don’t give you the warm fuzzies when I’m making your food, but there’s really no need to pretend you know me or make me feel like I ruined your day. Think before you speak, Moron. And if anyone cares, after he told me this I just walked away and let the kid I was working with finish his order. That’s how I deal with these situations–I go to the back room and then blog about it in my passive aggressive manner. It will be interesting to see THAT complaint. Sorry, Boss Lady.

Hmm, what else is new…OH. Went to CF last weekend for Mandy’s bridal shower/bachelorette party. So fun. I saw my main ladies and had my flashback to college times for a couple days.

Don’t mind my chest area. The girls wanted to play. Anyways, I miss the crap out of these girls and wish I could live in a huge mansion with all of them for the rest of my life. Let’s win the lottery and do this.

Other than that, nothing’s really new. I’m considering getting a job as a receptionist at the same place Amber works…just because I want to live with/near her and get out of Adel and have wireless again and not work only at Subway and have a set schedule and be able to save any money at all. And yes, I am aware that the previous sentence is not grammatically correct in any way. It is very true, however.

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