“The Road to Success…

…is always under construction.” A quote from Arnold Palmer, and one that fits my life perfectly. I’m new at this…therefore, I don’t have a lot to show you in experience. Here’s what I do know: I’m a quick learner, I’m curious, and I’m always willing to work harder, do more, and help in any way possible.

Fast facts

UNI graduate (May 2010); English major, Spanish minor.
Completed my minor in a study abroad program through International Studies Abroad in Costa Rica for five weeks in May of 2009.

Main Strengths:

  • Independence and responsibility
  • Am an avid reader along with a strong sense of organization
  • Love to learn and research on a variety of topics
  • ISFJ (12% introverted, 22% sensory, 62% feeling, and 67% judging)¬†personality

Searching for a career in publishing, and am interested in providing freelance editing services in the future.

I’ll give you a few things I’ve written (some for class, some for work, some just for fun), in case you’re interested in a little more about me.

I chose one of my blog posts as a sample (I know, sometimes I really do have something good to say). It showcases one of my greatest passions (animals), and I could easily make it into a more news-related piece for something in journalism.

Here is a writing sample from a typical brochure that I edited for the Study Abroad Office in my time there. I specialized in Costa Rica, since I had been there, but copy edited all of the brochures for the office.

This was a final exam/essay for my Film History class. I cut a couple of pages out to make all of my samples a 5-page maximum. As some of my devoted blog readers know, Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors, so of course I chose to write about him for class. I wish I had taken more film classes…who knows, maybe someday I will! Oh yeah, I got a 94% for this beauty.

My final essay is one of my favorite pieces. I wrote it for my Creative Nonfiction class my senior year of college, as a great way to blow off steam while I was working 35 hours a week and taking 15 credit hours. The professor gave me a 96%. It was really fun to discover how to write in a non-book report kind of way.

Check out my resume!


Any more questions? Please contact me!