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Summer, Office Life, and Weddings Galore

Herrooooooo there! Hokay. Here we go on updates. This summer went So. Fast. Not having school makes time disappear–enjoy it while it lasts, young’uns. After the Yankees game the main thing was one of my Bestie’s weddings! It was incredibly beautiful and a whirlwind of fun. Of course, when we’re in Cedar Falls…that’s what happens. […]

Random Picture Tuesday…I’m sure this will not be a trend. But I have nothing to write, so here.

Every time I see these things, I smile. Squirt is the most wonderful (not to mention cutest) dog in the world. If I didn’t love Julie so much, I would have stolen him long ago, and then fled to some tropical place where she would never find me. But until then, I will have to […]